Discover the 750 ha Maisonnette hunting domaine

Can U Get Tramadol Online Since 5 generations, PUINEUF family has been cultivating the Maisonnette estate as an ideal environment for small and big game hunting enthusiasts. Nestled on the border between the French departments of  “Maine-et-Loire” and “Deux-Sèvres”, just 3 hours from Paris, this 750 ha domain comprised of 500 ha of forest and 250 ha of open fields is entirely dedicated to hunting (flatlands and hedges, game cultivation areas, abundant undergrowth, thick cover, hardwood plots, etc) and 7 outstanding ponds covering 40 ha.

Tramadol Using Mastercard The Maisonnette domain is meticulously maintained throughout the year by 2 gamekeepers. The forest is crisscrossed with hiking trails and rotary-cut forest paths for optimal hunting convenience.

The same attention is paid to the large variety of animals present on the grounds, by notably limiting the population and improving the acclimatisation of pheasants and partridges through the use of English aviaries. The aim of all these efforts is to offer visitors hunting conditions which are the most natural possible, while also ensuring maximum safety: hunters securite are guided and coached as needed by the game reserve’s 2 gamekeepers, the trails are broad, with many clearings to facilitate hunter visibility and some hides have been set up all along the trails for use on big game hunts. The Maisonnette’s hunting environment strives to be both family-oriented and friendly. The domain can accommodate the most experienced hunters, as well as conviviality those discovering the joy of hunting. Visitors are welcomed by the estate’s owner, and your friends or children may accompany you without risk. Cartridges and rifles can be made available on site and the domain can also process hunting licences. Lastly, leisurely periods have been scheduled with considerable thought to foster your well-earned rest. The domain hosts a hunting lodge, where a table will be carefully prepared for unforgettable post-hunt “homemade” meals! Scroll to Top Tramadol 50Mg Buy Online Uk